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Window Service & Repair

Same Day Glass can repair your windows. We manufacture and replace your insulated glass in one day with energy efficent, high performance Low-E glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window.

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Door Repairs & Glass Service

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Elmont Storm Doors Authorized Dealer

Since 1952 thousands of Elmont™ Storms have been installed throughout the country. Let us install yours today.

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Table Tops & Mirrors

Your table top and mirrors are made specifically for you.

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Broken Glass - Window and Door Repairs - Insulated Glass Replaced In One Day.
Same Day Glass - Serving Long Island, NY - Suffolk and Nassau Counties

Why Repair?

Learn why it's sometimes better to repair the glass then replace the window.

Same Day Glass Services

Our unique approach to glass replacement is the fastest and most cost effective way to repair your broken window or door glass.

Warm Edge Technology

Same Day Glass uses Super Spacer™ to manufacture our insulated glass. Super Spacer™ is the most advance insulating glass system in the industry.

Request A Quote

Request a free quote today and discover the benefits of using Same Day Glass Service for all your glass repair needs.

Care and Maintenance

Long Live Your Windows and Doors!

From time to time your windows and doors need a little care so they can continue to give you comfort and security in your home for years to come.
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