Why Repair

Why Replace When You Can Repair

If the windows you have still work, why replace them? Over the years we discovered that many manufactures of windows and doors used inferior glass sealant during the manufacturing process just to make the purchase price attractive to you. That is why many insulated windows today have seal failures.

Avoid Costly Replacements

We know that not all windows need to be replaced just because the glass is broken or fogged. New replacement windows are costly, takes weeks to manufacture, create a mess and sometimes takes days to install.

Do they work?

If your windows are in fairly good condition, Same Day Glass can manufacture high performance, energy saving Low -E insulated glass in our mobile factory and install it the same day in about an hour for a fraction of the cost of a new replacement window. However, in the event your window is beyond repair, we offer new replacement windows as well.

Energy efficient “Low E” insulated glass replaced in about an hour, while you wait…
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